Welcome to Diagnostics-UK Limited

Diagnostics-UK Limited is an independent UK-based HCIT_pathscompany that identifies, promotes and implements innovative Healthcare IT solutions and clinical pathways that improve efficiency and clinical effectiveness across all Healthcare sectors. We provide cost-saving one stop clinical pathways, and Telehealth and Telecare solutions that allow early Interventions as required, relating to the vital parameters and improved clinical outcomes. Advanced Adherence Systems with auto alerts backed up by community care pathways will for example enable safer elderly care within the community.

Diagnostics-UK has compiled, through its own proprietary systems and alliances with carefully selected external providers, a service mix that includes evidence synthesis for Policy Formulation, guidance for innovative pathways, Governance, Quality Assurance and audit methodology. Advanced secure and intelligent web based IT Connectivity pathways and related IT Support Services are facilitated to enable information flows for each separate clinical episode to the remote or community based clinical team or secondary care specialists, enabling involvement of all levels and integration across the healthcare platform.

Our technology solutions, coupled with our scalable and flexible team-based methodology, allow us to optimize and integrate various types of workflows across healthcare platforms, enabling primary care or community based support for chronic diseases, elderly care and MIAMI.

The automated IT solutions facilitate innovative IT pathways across all healthcare sectors. They support continuity of clinical care, direct patients to the right clinical teams, reduce unnecessary referrals and promote better, safer community-based care pathways. Automated system workflows can direct patients to community-based or remote clinical teams, thereby promoting an integrated clinical management pathway between primary and secondary care.

We are helping make personalized care a reality, and increase clinical effectiveness and efficiency, with improved outcomes throughout.